PREMIOS MAYA (MAYA AWARDS) is an award ceremony that take place every year in Bolivia (South America). The event is presented by MAYA REPRESENTACIONES to recognize achievements in the media, music, business and social areas, rewarding the people, companies and institutions that contribute to the socioeconomic development of Bolivia.

The first ceremony was produced in 1996 and since then it has been gradually growing until becoming the most representative prize in the country.


Due to its relevance, the results of the Maya Awards are the most anticipated by the people and those who obtain a statuette know that such an event will be news in all media. PREMIOS MAYA certifies nationwide the quality, hard work and success of the winners.

Along these 23 years, more than 1500 winners were awarded and a total of more than 2 million dollars were invested in the the annual ceremony's production. Each year, the PREMIOS MAYA are broadcast live on television allover the country.

Ganadores Premios Maya Bolivia
Ganadores Premios Maya Bolivia

As part of this growth, PREMIOS MAYA now becomes a CONTINENTAL EVENT and, under the name of LATIN MAYA AWARDS, the first international ceremony will be done in Washington DC, on November 17, 2019, thanks to the agreement signed between MAYA REPRESENTACIONES and NETWORKING FOR THE ARTS FOUNDATION, last of which, is an institution based in the United States, widely recognized for its outstanding work promoting the Latin American culture.


This year will be honored nominees from: Peru, El Salvador and Bolivia. Awards will also be given to prominent musicians, diplomatic authorities, businessmen and philanthropists who support the Latino community in the US.

Artistas Premios Maya Bolivia
Personalidades Premios Maya Bolivia

Two fundamental reasons motivate NETWORKING FOR THE ARTS FOUNDATION to introduce this event in the United States: first, in this instance, unite El Salvador, Peru and Bolivia, countries that represent the three most important groups of the Hispanic community and, in secondly, to counteract the negative image of the Latin population that is currently being disseminated in the United States, when in fact, in recent years, many workers, businessmen, athletes, movie stars and musicians of Latino origin are among the citizens who contributed the most to the economic development of the United States.

The gala will take place at WESTWOOD COUNTY CLUB, a premiere reception venue, and the 300 guests will be received on the red carpet. National and international media outlets will cover the event and it will be broadcast live by online portals and social networks.

Westwood Country Club
Westwood Country Club


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